Global Grangetown

Posted on 02/03/2012


Food Stalls

Global Grangetown 2012

Saturday 4th February 2012

The month began with a trip to Grangetown’s Channel View Leisure Centre for their annual Global Grangetown event.

Despite the snow, the main sports hall was filled with people and there was an array of food stalls from around the world, including curry supplied by the Vegetarian Food Studio, Welsh Cakes from Fabulous Welshcakes, French crepes and sweet Polish pastries.

Squirrelheads in Gravy

‘Squirrelheads in Gravy’ – Bluegrass

The music and dance acts were varied to say the least; from belly dancing to bluegrass and even though the setting didn’t lend itself to warmth or good acoustics, I enjoyed a wonderfully surreal couple of hours on a snowy Saturday afternoon in a sports hall in Grangetown. Certainly not something you can say every day. The highlight for me was watching Stephanie the belly dancer perform her dynamic routines in increasingly skimpy outfits, whilst a line of local teenage boys gazed intently down from the gallery above. Community in action!

I spoke to organiser Katie from Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3S3) who told me more about the event, how local musicians can get involved and her top tips for Grangetown:

Belly Dancer

Stephanie The Belly Dancer

1. What is Global Grangetown? It’s a community event organised by The Grangetown Communities First team at Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC), plus some local service providers, with valuable input from local residents. It’s about bringing people together. We’ve done it for the last three years now (with snow, every time!) and it’s about recognising that there’s a lot going on in this area – it’s not perfect but it is often a lovely place to live and it’s nice to celebrate that.

2. How would you describe Grangetown to those who haven’t been? Old-school, in lots of ways – there’s a lot of memories, a lot of people who live in the same house they were born in, families going back generations. I have a lot of respect for that. Then there are people who’ve moved in more recently, who are starting their own businesses and are putting down roots in the area – they merit a lot of respect too! I like the way whenever I’m waiting for a bus, people at the stop say hello and comment on the weather, then they tell me their opinions about all sorts of things!

3. What are your top tips for Grangetown? All my recommendations involve food – I love the Vegetarian Food Studio on Penarth Road, especially the amazing sweets; Brutons, who do the best GI bread in the world; and Clarks Pies, who really fill a need when you’re desperate for a hot lunch!

4. Are there plans for more Global Grangetown events in the future and if so, how can musicians get involved? There are big plans for the future! If musicians would like to perform at the next Global Grangetown they need to get that it’s a community event and not-for-profit, then get in touch with Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC), either through the webiste or on the phone (02920485722).